5 years and 10,000 more to go!

Five years ago today, ICANN approved the .EUS domain

On 14 June 2013 ‒ five years ago today ‒ ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) approved the .EUS domain for the Euskera-speaking community and Basque culture. The news came after an entire year of evaluation. The *.EUS domain bore fruit six years after the project started, and the representatives of the PuntuEus Foundation underscored this achievement in these words at the press Conference of 15 June: “at last we reap the fruits of a process that has required several years’ work and a lot of patience. International recognition of the Euskera-speaking population: .EUS is a top-tier internet domain, which is to say a global tool for local community development”.

A year after, in 2014, the first .EUS websites went public.

Approval of the *.EUS domain was made possible thanks to the active participation and commitment of thousands of Basques, and the approval of the domain by ICANN was only the beginning of a new era. The process does not end there. On the contrary, this was when the real .EUS domain began. Because what gives meaning to the .eus domain is its use, its visibility and its promotion. That is precisely the way to make the Euskera-speaking population visible to the world, beyond international acknowledgement.

Target: 10,000. Will you sign on?

5 years after its approval and 4 since it began on internet, the .EUS domain continues to grow within the forecasts to meet the target set for 2020: to make .EUS the third-largest domain in the Basque Country ‒ and we are in a position to achieve it.

It currently has over 8,400 registered domain names and our nearest goal is to reach 10,000. Under the motto “Target: 10,000. Will you sign on?”, the PuntuEUS Foundation is inviting society to get together to achieve 10,000 domains.

The success of the .EUS domain, step-by-step

The .EUS domain is the top-tier internet domain for the Euskera-speaking community and Basque culture. .EUS is thus an instrument that positions Euskera on a par with other languages, helping standardise Euskera and contributing to international recognition of Euskera-speaking people.