Arabadenak and PUNTUEUS have signed a collaboration agreement

Josu Waliño CEO of PUNTUEUS and Víctor Manuel Ibáñez President of Arabadendak have signed a collaboration agreement in Gasteiz. The objective of the agreement is to influence the digital transformation of Basque society by channeling initiatives to increase the digitalisation of businesses through the Basque language.

Under this agreement, PUNTUEUS will provide Arabadendak with discount codes for the free registration of .EUS domains, allowing businesses associated with Arabadendak to develop their digital projects through the domain .EUS. In addition to the domain, businesses that wish to do so will also be offered the opportunity to have a free server for the first year.

Arabadendak will promote the use of the .EUS domain among its associates and Alava merchants, especially those with a website or those looking to create one. The promotion will also encourage the publication of content in Basque on these websites.

Through this agreement that promotes Basque and digitalization, both institutions commit to assessing the level of digitalization of Alava businesses and encouraging the use of Basque in digital commerce, thus fostering the digital transformation of commerce through the Basque language.