Basque-language Internet Day is held for the first time

–       The new digital publication, Internet eta Teknologia  was launched over the Internet and presented

–       The audiovisual cartoon ‘Gailurra beti dago gorago’ (The Summit is always higher up) depicting the path followed by Basque on the Internet was shown

The 1st Basque-language Internet Day took place in a festive atmosphere at the Katakrak bookshop in Iruñea-Pamplona on May 17, to coincide with World Internet Day. Organised by the PuntuEUS Foundation, Topagunea and Euskalerria Irratia, many representatives of the fields of Basque, culture and the Internet congregated at the event, which was officially opened by Ana Ollo, the Spokesperson for the Government of Navarre.

This first edition of Basque-language Internet Day aimed to review the sector, present innovations, discuss the future and to drink to the health of the Basque-language Internet.  So the intention is to follow up this day and celebrate it every year.

The celebration started by reviewing the path trodden by Basque in the course of the Internet’s 25 years and the audiovisual cartoon ‘Gailurra beti dago gorago’ was shown. This short cartoon video shows the main steps Basque has taken in the history of the Internet and the principal milestones. The content of the video consists of the contributions made by the people involved in the Internet sector, and it becomes clear that many good things have been done in Basque on the Internet, that the Basque community is a very active one, but the summit is always higher up for those who have the strength and there is still a long way to go.

The summit is always higher up and as there is also an abundance of different kinds of summits, these summits were identified and proposals to strengthen Basque on the Internet were discussed by all those present through a participatory dynamic. So many ideas were gathered and the PuntuEUS Foundation expressed its commitment to work in order to turn many of them into reality.

The last part of the event was devoted to the presentation by the PuntuEUS Foundation of the new initiative., Internet eta Teknologia  is a new digital ICT publication. Its mission is to inform, entertain and spread technological culture in Basque. The Laboral Kutxa savings bank is the main sponsor of this publication.

So a network of well-known, important expert collaborators has been formed for this purpose: Alex Gibelalde, Dabid Martinez, Edurne Larraza, Eneko Agirre, Iñaki Alegria, Iñaki Lakarra, Iratxe Esnaola, Iruri Knorr, Josu Waliño, Josune Gereka, Joxe Rojas, Lorea Arakistain, Manex Garaio, Rafa Bañales, Unai Bilbao, Xabier Arrieta, Xabier Martin, Xabier Unanue and Ana Vitorica

So with their help, the new digital publication will be working on a whole range of subjects linked to the Internet and technology, by publishing, on a weekly basis, articles relating to this field by experts.

The event concluded with a verse-making, hip-hop performance by Oskar Estanga.