Collaboration enabling us to grow throughout 2018

Collaboration enabling us to grow throughout 2018. Ever since the PuntuEUS Foundation was set up, the community has been its strong point, and throughout 2018 in particular we have been consolidating collaboration with our community. We have launched a bid to achieve 10,000 domain names in collaboration with the community, and the latest projects to promote the presence of Basque in the digital environment have emerged out of that collaboration. The .EUS domain has grown 20%, surpassing expectations. In addition, we can highlight the following milestones reached in 2018:

  • The degree of domain name growth has been 20% this year, 2 points above what had been forecast.
  • We have implemented Whois privacy in compliance with the European GDPR.
  • We have signed a collaboration agreement with the Basque Cyber Security Centre to strengthen domain security.
  • In collaboration with various organisations we have launched major projects designed to strengthen the Basque Language in the Digital Environment:, Lehen Hitza Euskaraz Mugikorrak, and PuntuEUS Mapa, among others.
  • We have been promoting collaboration with the community by celebrating Basque Internet Day on 17 May in conjunction with the UEU (Basque Summer University); we have also signed a dissemination agreement with UEMA (Association of Basque-Speaking Municipalities) to expand the Lehen Hitza agreement across Municipal Councils.
  • We have proposed basic ideas for the Digital Strategy for Basque, presenting them in milieus, such as the Basque Parliament, GFA Etorkizuna Eraikiz (Chartered Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa) and the Eusko Ikaskuntza (Basque Studies Society) congress.
  • In collaboration with various schools, we have designed and piloted the project in an effort to involve young people in the .EUS project.