Cultural and territorial domains meet with registrars in A Coruña

  • GAL, .EUS, .CAT, and .BARCELONA share their plans and perspectives with registrars in a working session.

Representatives of the linguistic and cultural domains .gal, .cat, .eus, and .barcelona held a meeting throughout the day to discuss their future plans, commercial initiatives for this year, and forecasts for the evolution of the market and the network.

The session began with a presentation by the director of Cidade das TIC, Alfonso Martínez, who spoke about the importance of new infrastructures and their delocalization for enhancing ICT industries. He also emphasized the significance of decentralization of regulatory agencies, citing the imminent opening of AESIA in A Coruña as an example.

In the second part of the session, each domain presented its current situation and plans for the rest of 2024. Topics of discussion included the advent of artificial intelligence, changes in European legislation, and the protection of user data. Other issues addressed were cybersecurity, the domains’ efforts to create a safer network, and prospects for cooperation.

The meeting concluded with a working dinner with the intention of resuming common tasks on future occasions.