Your data is completely private with .EUS

Privacy, and in particular your privacy, is something that concerns us and that we care about. We believe that domain registries should be responsible for the security of your data.

Since our inception, we’ve been looking for ways to block access to your data. Thanks to the GDPR, the new European general data protection regulation which came into force on 25 May, the privacy of the holders of .EUS domains is now a reality. From now on, the data you provided when registering your .EUS domain are in safe hands and will remain completely private.

Here is what has changed.

In the past, ICANN forced all domain registries, including .EUS, to publish the personal data of domain registrants, that is, all your data. A decision that .EUS rejected, demanding protection for these data.

Now, thanks to the GDPR that came into force on 25 May and which applies to Europe, ICANN has made an exception so that European registries (only European registries) can block access to personal information from domain owners. Domains operating from outside Europe, such as.COM, will continue to publish domain holders’ personal information. We have already blocked the personal data of the owners of .EUS domains. You can confirm this by checking We want you to know that we are proud to be a responsible registry, making sure that your data remains private.