Domain sector gathering in Donostia-San Sebastian

On the initiative of the heads of the .EUS, .CAT, .GAL, .BARCELONA  and .MADRID domains, domain registrars met in Donostia-San Sebastian on 18 October to reflect on the situation of the sector, identify challenges and agree on lines of work. The meeting was held in the Etorkizuna Eraikiz hub of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and was led by Manahmana.

During the gathering each domain concisely and dynamically laid out its aims, data and wishes going forward. In the interviews that were held with the registrars afterwards the main issues that emerged were domain promotion, collaboration that needs to be undertaken with the registrars and inter-domain co-operation.

An atmosphere of trust was created by the in-depth interviews, and at the end with the help of the leader, a summary of the whole meeting was made and each registrar and domain expressed what they expected from each other on the basis of the aims they wanted to achieve going forward.