‘Elgoibartik Mundura’ has born to promote the digitisation, in Basque, of the associations of Elgoibar

  • Each of these associations has been assigned a local educational center, which through joint work will develop the corresponding website.

In a joint effort to promote digitisation and the use of Basque in the digital environment, PUNTUEUS, in collaboration with the Elgoibar City Council and Elgoibarko Izarra, announces the launch of the project ‘Elgoibartik Mundura’. This innovative project aims to promote the digitisation of local associations in Elgoibar and promote the use of the .eus domain.

‘Elgoibartik Mundura’ is an initiative that not only seeks to benefit Elgoibar associations by digitising their activities and services but also aims to promote the use of Basque, foster STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) vocations, and increase the visibility of .eus, the Internet domain. ‘Elgoibartik Mundura’ is based on the methodology of ‘Kaixo Mundua‘, a PUNTUEUS project that received two awards in the last edition of the STEAM awards, organized by Innobasque and the Department of Education of the Basque Government.

The goal of the initiative is to create a real website through a project that generates value in the community and empower students to transition from digital consumers to technology creators. At the same time, through video training on the website, the program also aims to improve the training of teachers who need technological skills.

To carry out this project, collaboration will be sought from the Elgoibar City Council, Elgoibarko Izarra, and local schools; Elgoibar Herri Eskola, Elgoibar Ikastola, IES Elgoibar BHI, and Meka Lanbide Eskola; establishing synergy between associations and student talent. The aim is to design and develop personalized websites for each association, in Basque, with the option of including translations into Spanish, thus strengthening bilingual presence on the Internet.

Associations that have joined ‘Elgoibartik Mundura’ will have their new website developed at no cost with the advantage of owning the domain and hosting to store the website for free during the first year. The associations participating in this initiative are as follows, along with the school that will develop their website:

  • HAIZEA-Elgoibarko Emakume Taldea (Elgoibar Ikastola)
  • C.D. Elgoibar (Elgoibar Ikastola)
  • Inazio Bereziartua Musika Eskola (Elgoibar Ikastola)
  • Egur Arte Tailerra (IES Elgoibar BHI)
  • Zubi Ondo Xake Elkartea (IES Elgoibar BHI)
  • Atxutxiamika Aisialdi Elkartea (IES Elgoibar BHI)
  • Mauxitxa Txaranga (IES Elgoibar BHI)
  • Elgoibarko Jubilatuen Biltokia (Meka Lanbide Eskola)
  • Kalamua Guraso Elkartea (Elgoibar Herri Eskola)

Each of these associations has been assigned a local educational center, which through joint work will develop the corresponding website, reflecting intergenerational and multidisciplinary collaboration that benefits all of Elgoibar.

PUNTUEUS, together with the Elgoibar City Council, Elgoibarko Izarra, the schools of Elgoibar, and the associations that are participating in this pilot project, will assess the results obtained and analyse whether it is viable to continue promoting digitisation and Basque in the municipality through this project or if other alternatives need to be sought, as these types of initiatives mark an important step towards digital inclusion and the promotion of Basque in the digital environment.