.EUS accompanies the digitization of Basque society and grows by 18%

  • A commercial starring Mari Domingi and Santa Claus shows the acceleration of digitization caused by the health crisis.
  • The PuntuEUS Foundation new member of Cybasque
  • The .EUS domain for 2 years for 15 euros until December 31.

The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has accelerated the digitization process of small and medium-sized companies. In this new context, the need to jump into the network of merchants, professionals, etc. without digital presence has increased remarkably. In order to respond to the current situation, the PuntuEUS Foundation has dedicated its efforts to offering help in this process since its mission is to promote the digital transformation of society from the Basque language.

Thanks to the trust of users, the use of the .EUS domain has increased by 18%, surpassing forecasts and has grown 8 points more than the previous year. According to the current projection, the .EUS domain would end the year with around 12,000 domain names.

As a testimony of the times in which we live, PuntuEUS has created a humorous spot that represents the gigantic digitization process of recent months. The protagonists of the spot are a millennial Maridomingi (Amaia Irazabal) and a Santa Claus (Iñaki Beraetxe) who does not understand technology. The spot highlights the values ​​of the .EUS domain – security and user service – and refers to the December offer: domain name for 15 euros over 2 years. EUS domain names can be registered under special conditions until December 31st.


User care and safety

 EUS’s commitment is to provide the best possible service. In this sense, the PuntuEUS Foundation has recently joined the Association of Basque Cybersecurity Companies Cybasque to deepen the work it is already carrying out in the domain area. Like PuntuEUS, Cybasque takes on the challenge of promoting the development of cybersecurity in all private areas of the territory, fostering collaboration with other sectors and the development of new products / services, technologies or markets.

On the other hand, the .EUS domain is characterized by help and close attention. The PuntuEUS Foundation offers this support both in the purchase process and in the technical aspect.

 In this sense, and in the face of the pandemic, the PuntuEUS Foundation has made an effort to support the community. In full confinement, at the beginning of the pandemic, the PuntuEUS Foundation launched the aid program ‘Open a new door’ to facilitate digitization for hoteliers, merchants, artists… who had to close the doors of their businesses. In this way, it has offered the necessary resources to digitize activities or projects at no cost to more than a hundred businesses and professionals who lacked a website.