.EUS domain policy

The .EUS domain is a gTLD or generic domain, that is, not defined in territorial terms. Its standard has been developed between the PUNTUEUS Foundation and ICANN.

To register a .EUS domain, you must sign (or, more often, accept via an online form) an agreement with the authorized registrar of your choice. This agreement will contain the terms of business, including price, to be set by the registrar, and a separate agreement, incorporated as an annex. This document is the .EUS domain Registration Policy, which specifies the specific regulations on the use of the domain.

The .EUS Domain Registration Policy is the main rule that binds you to the .EUS domain name you have registered. You are linked to the Registry as applicant and holder of a .EUS domain.

Here you can consult our Registration Policy:

.EUS Registration Policy

In addition, PUNTUEUS could initiate the release of reserved domain names that are on the list for future activation. This policy can be consulted here:

.EUS late release policy

In addition, the registration of 1 and 2 character domains is available in .EUS with additional regulations. These regulations can be consulted here:

Registration conditions for .EUS domains of 1 and 2 characters

Agreement with ICANN
The .EUS domain is a community domain, that is, it is intended for specific groups of users, and not for all Internet users. The Agreement between ICANN and .EUS defines who the .EUS domain is intended for, and therefore specifies the admissibility requirements. In order to use a .EUS domain, at least one of the following conditions related to the content of the website must be met:

Part of the website must be in the Basque language or make communications in that language
The website must talk about Basque culture or promote it