• .EUS is fourth in the world rankings for quality and SEO of new domains
  • 783 domains from all over the world have been analysed.
  • The trust flow of the websites that use these domains has been studied. eitb.eus, berria.eus and argia.eus are in the Top 20.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) opened in 2012 the process to accept new internet domains. In this process, ICANN accepted 1,300 new domains, including .EUS. Of these, 783 have already been activated, most of them thematic, and many others geographic community domains.

According to the study carried out by the US company Globe Runner, the best new domains are .NRW, .SCOT, . BZH, .AGENCY, .WIKI, .FOUNDATION, .TIPS and .TODAY close the Top 10.

The same company has studied the SEO of 40 new domains related to territories and communities. The list is headed by the same domains as the list that analysed quality. Thus, .EUS is the 4th best new domain in SEO.

Finally, they have analysed the trust flow of the websites using new domains and three websites in Basque appear in the Top 20. eitb.eus is fourth in the list, berria.eus ninth and argia.eus twelfth.

This study shows that .EUS, without being so big, is a quality domain. The websites that register the .EUS domain, in addition to using the domain, publish quality content. In terms of quantity, .EUS is not a large domain, with 4,370 domain names it is number 236.

Globe Runner, an American company specialised in SEO and Marketing, has been in charge of the study. They analysed more than 20,000 websites based on new gTLDs (generic top-level domains).

Globe Runner explained that many names have been registered in new gTLDs, but registering a name does not mean that a website will be created. Therefore, they have analysed the level of development of the websites and their SEO positioning in search engines.

The study used quality-related indicators to measure the success of new gTLDs in terms of quality. The tool used was the Majestic Trust Flow.

.EUS Domain

The .EUS domain is the top level domain for the Basque Linguistic and Cultural Community. The .EUS domain, therefore, is a tool that places the Basque language at the same level as other languages, that will help in the normalisation of the Basque language and that gives international recognition to the country of the Basque language.

The PuntuEUS Foundation is the entity responsible for the control, administration and management of the .EUS domain.