How do I add a .EUS domain name to Google Apps?

If you want to use Google Apps for the e-mail of your .EUS domain name, first of all you have to add it to your Google Apps account. To do this, you have to sign in to the Google Apps administrator account. When you’ve signed in, select the “Domains” section (if you can’t find it, click on the “More controls” option).

The domain management section will open and from there click on the “Add/remove domains” option.

Your domain names, which have now been added to Google Apps, will be displayed. Click on the option to add a new one “Add a domain or a domain alias”.

A new window with two options will be displayed: to add as an alias or to add as a separate domain name (recommended). In the first option an alias with a new domain name will be created for each user you have on Google Apps right now. An alias allows you to send and receive messages via the .EUS address without having to create a new Google account. If you add it as a separate domain name, you will have greater flexibility: you will have the option of setting up an alias but also of setting up a new Google account with the .EUS address.

Choose whichever of the two options offered you prefer and, after you have inserted the .EUS domain name you want to add into the text box, click on the “Continue and verify domain ownership” option.

Before using the domain name, you will need to check that it is yours. To do this, the DNS settings of the domain name will have to be changed. To know what you have to do next, click on the Others option in “Select your domain registrar or provider” or if the company you used to register the domain name appears among the options, select your registrar.

If your registrar is among the options, the steps to be followed will be clearly explained. If it does not appear, the general steps will also work. In the first step you will be asked to add a TXT-type record. Copy the TXT record (in the red box in the screenshot). Go to the DNS settings section of the management console of your registrar and create the above-mentioned TXT record.

In addition to that record, you will also have to create some MX records so that the e-mails will function, with the following values:

Host Record type Priority Value






If you need help creating the DNS records, ask your registrar and they will undertake to create them.

When you add these records, click on the Google Apps “Verify” option. The application will check that the TXT record has been properly added, and if it is correct, the .EUS domain name you have just added can be used in Google Apps.

If it cannot verify the domain name, wait a couple of hours to make sure that the changes made to the DNS settings are up and running. If error messages continue to be sent after that, speak to your registrar to make sure that the records have been properly established.