How do I put my .EUS domain name on my Blogger website?

If you set up a website with blogger, the address of the blog will be, where yourwebsite corresponds to the name of your blog. If you want an address that is easier to remember, you can add your .EUS domain name to the Blogger, so that the website address can be

To do this, go to the Blogger management console and click on the Basic sub-section in the Settings section. In the Publishing section, select the option + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog.

You will have to insert the domain name you want to use for the blog in the text box that will be displayed and which starts with www. For example, if your domain name is, insert

The Blogger will send you an alert saying that it cannot verify the domain name. That is normal because you need to change the DNS settings of your domain name. The changes you need to make will be specified below (they are highlighted in blue in the above screenshot). You will need to make these changes via the DNS section on your registrar’s management console to add the two CNAME-type records that are specified for you. If you prefer, copy these values specified in the Blogger and send them to your registrar so that they can create these two CNAME records. When these DNS registers have been added, you may have to wait 24 hours for the change to be implemented throughout the internet completely, even though, as a general rule, it should be implemented within an hour.

If you try to add the domain name again, you will see that this time it can be done successfully. If you still get an error message after 24 hours have passed, check whether the CNAME registers created have the correct values, and if there is another type of CNAME record, delete it. If the domain name has been properly added, your blog will appear when you open However, you will see an error message when you access (in other words not preceded by www). To make it function correctly, you will need to create four A-type records that will go to the following IP addresses:


Creating these records is done in the same way as that used to create the above two CNAME records: you can do it yourself via the registrar’s console, or you can write to the registrar’s attention service requesting this change.

Finally, to connect to the Blogger, go to the Basic sub-section in the Settings section and where it says Blog address click on the option allowing you to edit the domain name you have added..

Among the options that will be displayed to you, select Redirect to the domain. Obviously, in your case the domain name you have added will appear instead of

Once you have saved the changes, you will see your blog when you access If it does not appear, it may be because the A records have not yet been created. If it still doesn’t function after 24 hours have passed, get in touch with your registrar to make sure the four records have been properly created.