How do I put my .EUS domain name on my Wix website?

When you build a website using the Wix platform, its address will look like; in other words, your website will appear as a subdomain of the domain name. If you want a more attractive and more easily remembered website address, Wix provides the option of adding your domain name, so your website address will look like Domain names can be purchased via the Wix user centre, but it does not as yet sell any .EUS domain names. However, as there is also an option to add domain names purchased outside Wix, you will be able to add a .EUS domain name.

To be able to add a domain name to Wix, you will need to have taken out a payment plan. he plan you choose will depend on your needs, but if you just want to add a domain name, all you need to do is choose the Connect Domain plan.

Once you’ve taken out a payment plan, click on the user option located in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Dominios from among the options that appear. When two options are displayed, choose the Connect a domain you already own option to add the domain name that has already been registered.

You will be asked to choose the website you want to link the domain name to, and then you will have to insert the domain name you want to link to. After that, you will be asked to supply the registrar you used to register your domain name. If the company used to register the domain name does not figure, choose the general option.

Once you have added your domain name to Wix, all that remains is to redirect the domain name to Wix. When you select a registrar to be able to set up your domain name, the DNS nameservers will appear (it will be something like Copy these nameservers and write to your registrar saying that you want these that you have copied to be those of your domain name. If you prefer, you can make this change directly in the DNS section of your registrar’s management console.

A couple of hours (in some cases it takes longer) after you have made the change you will see your Wix website when you visit your domain name.