How do I put my .EUS domain name on my website?

If you create a website using, and you have not taken out a payment plan, your website address will be like type. Addresses of this type are long, but to make life easier for your website visitors, you can link directly a .EUS domain name that you have registered to the website. That way, writing will be enough to visit the website.

To do this, the first step is to change the nameservers of the domain name. You will be able to make this change in the DNS section on the management console of the registrar with which you registered the domain name, or, if you prefer, you can write to your registrar informing them that you want to change the nameservers (in Spanish Servidores de nombre) of your domain name. In both cases the nameservers that need to be established are as follows:

After you have made the change you will have to wait until the new nameservers are up and running. This should take no longer than 24 hours.

When the nameservers have been changed, you can add your .EUS domain name. To add the domain name, you will need to have taken out a payment plan offered by You will be able to add a domain name to the website with any of these plans. If you have already linked a domain name to the website and you want to add another, you will be able to do so by paying an additional €13 a year.

In both cases, click on the My site section on the website console and there click on the Add option in the Domains subsection.

Click on the Already own a domain? option from among the options displayed.

If you have already taken out a payment plan, you will be asked to insert the domain name you want to add.

So when you access, you will see your website. Go to the Domains sub-section in the Personal area section and make sure that Primary Domain figures beside the domain name you have just added. If it does not, click on the domain name and select the Make primary option.