Which tool can I use to develop my website?

There are many different options for developing websites. You can develop your website yourself by using HTML (and PHP, JS, etc., as well) or framework programming (Bootstrap, Symfony, etc.). The second option offers great flexibility but also calls for technical expertise. Alternatively, if you don’t want to get too deeply involved in programming, you can use a Content Management System The ones like this one already have many functionalities developed and you can use them directly in your website.

If you want to use a Content Management System, there are loads of options and depending on the website you want to build, some may be more suitable than others You will have to take out a hosting service to use some of them, and install the files to set up the Content Management System there. You will be able to upload these files to the server via FTP, or in some cases, you will have the option of selecting installation on the server’s management console.

Other Content Management Systems, however, will undertake to manage the server while all you need to do is to feed the website with content and give it an appearance. The latter ones have more limited options but they are easier to use, because to create the website the mouse can be used to drag the various items into position.

  • Ones that request that a Hosting service be taken out:
    • WordPress.org: This is the most widely used tool to develop blogs and websites.
    • Joomla
    • Magento: This is the most widely used tool to develop online stores
    • Ones that do not require a Hosting service :
  • Ones that do not require a Hosting service :