It’s already underway the Multilingual Digital Environment Dictionary IDE

  • The dictionary is promoted by the Azkue, Elhuyar, Euskaltel and Puneus foundations. 
  • The IDE dictionary is available at
  • The terms of the concepts can be found in four languages: Basque, Spanish, French and English.

Bilbao, 4 February 2022

The Azkue, Elhuyar, Euskaltel and Puneus foundations have presented the beginnings of the Multilingual Digital Environment Dictionary at the headquarters of the Azkue Foundation. Besides showing what the project is at the moment, they have presented the web and explained how it will be completed in the future.

The project is an initiative by Elhuyar and Azkue to fill a gap in the digital environment. In recent years this area has been under continuous development, raising doubts and new needs in the use of language. In order to meet these needs, this dictionary addresses the terminology of the digital environment, compiles different concepts and proposes the corresponding terms in Euskera, with the aim of normalizing their use. In this way, the sectors related to education and the world of work, the professionals working in the production and translation of texts and society in general will have a more reference linguistic resource.

Once the project was launched, it was joined by Euskaltel and Puntueus, key players in the digital environment and in the dissemination of the Basque.

IDE Dictionary

The Multilingual Digital Environment Dictionary is available on the web The terms of the concepts can be found in four languages: Basque, Spanish, French and English. The definitions are in Basque. On the other hand, images have been included that complement the information of the definitions and make the aspect more attractive. In addition, additional information is provided through links to other resources such as Wikipedia, the Euskara Batuaren Eskuliburua manual or Elhuyar magazine.

It now contains 106 concepts in the following sections:

  • Internet
  • Computer science
  • Social networks
  • Telecommunications
  • Cybersecurity

In 2022, 150 new concepts will be incorporated, including and completing the Game Erauntsia dictionary, of terms related to online games.

Thus, in addition to the above, the dictionary shall include the following paragraphs:

  • Digital commerce (banking and shopping)
  • Digital marketing
  • Video games

In order to continue working on the project, the dictionary drivers have formed a group of experts, who will bring their knowledge and help to resolve the concerns raised in the day-to-day work group. The expert team is currently composed of:

  • Aitzol Astigarraga (Wikilarien Kultur Elkartea)
  • Sagra Crespo (Berritzegunea)
  • Igor Leturia (Elhuyar)
  • Urtzi Odriozola (Game Erauntsia eta Codesyntax)
  • Leire Palacios (Puntueus)
  • Olatz Perez de Viñaspre (EHU-IXA)
  • Asier Sarasua (Codesyntax)

As the dictionary is completed, the new terms will be available on the web


Photo (left to right):

Iurdana Acasuso, Azkue Foundation; Jon Abril Olaetxea, Elhuyar; Sabino San Vicente, Euskaltel Foundation; Josu Waliño Pizarro, Puntueus Foundation.