Kick-off for the first edition of the contest

  • After its 2019 pilot test, the project launches its first edition.
  • Students from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of the ESO, the Baccalaureate and Occupational Training may participate.
  • Registration will be open up to March. In March, students wanting to participate in the contest must submit their works, and the winners will be announced in May.

The purpose of the educational project is to promote digital skills in the educational community, learning how to create websites. Likewise, the project seeks to drive the creation of digital content in Euskera.

Thanks to the initiative, students will learn how to create a real website, through motivating work based on practice. Its aim is dual: on the one hand, students transform from digital consumers to digital creators; and on the other hand, they get the chance to develop their digital skills. In addition, the contest seeks to strengthen the skills of teachers requiring technological training.

Registration will be open from September to March. In March, whoever wants to participate in the contest should send in their works. These will be examined by a professional jury, and in May the winners in the different categories will be announced.

Successful Pilot Experience

The pilot experience of the project was conducted during the academic year 2018-2019. 100 groups of students belonging to four centers participated, as follows: Lekeitio BHI, Ondarroa BHI, Egibide (Gasteiz) and Arizmendi Ikastola (Debagoiena).

Participation was limited to a total of 100 groups of students,and a total of over 60 websites competed. The winner was the site created by four students from the IES of Ondarroa .