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Since the creation of, since May 2017, 110,000 links have been created using the urls shortening service in Basque. Taking into account the success and use of the service we have renewed the design of the web. The new image is cleaner and highlights the service itself.

As for the service, maintains all the functionalities.


Custom URL

It allows to convert long url into short and simple addresses. And customize these addresses.


User area has 1305 registered  users. Registered users have the possibility to consult the history of the short URLs created, as well as to follow the number of clicks of each link.


Plug-in for browser

Plug-ins for Firefox and Google Chrome can be used to facilitate the use of By adding the plug-in to the browser, thanks to the button added in the address bar, the abbreviated web address is generated. This address can be copied and pasted directly.


WordPress plug-in WordPress

This plug-in allows you to create the shortcut URL of each page created from the WordPress panel itself. In addition, like the rest of the plugins, this plug-in also allows you to associate the account to the plugin.