, the email service in Basque that respects privacy

  • The email allows the use of the .EUS domain in interpersonal digital relationships

This Sunday, on May 17th, is celebrating the World Internet Day. That day the PuntuEUS Foundation celebrates the  Basque-language Internet Day together with its entire community. This year there will also be plenty to celebrate. And although due to the health alert there will be no public act, a new service aimed at the Internet community will be presented.

Since the launch of the .EUS domain, users without a website have regularly requested or wanted an email service under the .EUS domain, the extension with which they identify themselves. In response to this demand, the PuntuEUS Foundation and the Basque company Guebs have collaboratively developed an email service in Basque that respects privacy.

The email allows the use of the .EUS domain in interpersonal digital relationships: in the free version in the domain (for example: or in the case of premium plans, customizing the domain. EUS (for example: or is a mail service that provides service in Basque in all its areas: customer service, web interface, help documents and customer area.

This new service is aimed at Basque Internet users, individuals, associations and companies, and the creation of thousands of email accounts is expected before the end of the year.

Ensuring privacy

One of the hallmarks of the mail service, compared to other services, is privacy. guarantees the privacy and security of user data: no ads, no tracking and encrypted communications. It does not present any ads or track user usage.

Plus, it’s available anywhere. It can be configured on the mobile phone or on the computer, but it can also be used online through webmail. In addition, it offers additional services such as calendar, address book, redirects and much more.

PuntuEUS Foundation

The PuntuEUS Foundation works to make Euskera a first-rate language in the digital environment. It works to promote the utility, presence and visibility of Basque in the digital environment through the .EUS domain

In addition to the administration and promotion of the .EUS domain, it offers several projects and tools:, url shortener;, radio program;, educational project;, laboratory of code poetry;, file sharing tool; etc.


Basque provider that offers domain registration and hosting services for more than 15 years.

In addition to promoting the use of Basque and .EUS domains, it aims to offer quality services and close customer service.