According to the data analyzed by the PUNTUEUS Observatory in 2022, 14% of the websites in the Basque Country have some content in Basque (Euskera). Furthermore, among the websites using the .EUS domain, 75% publish content in Basque, which indicates that compared to domains like .COM or .ES, the presence of Basque language is significantly higher.

Regarding the evolution of the .EUS domain, in the year 2022, the .EUS domain had a growth rate of 9%, reaching a total of 14,266 domains. As for the renewal rate, it was 89%, ensuring a high level of user loyalty to the .EUS domain. It is worth noting that in comparison, the global domain market had a growth rate of 2.5% and a renewal rate of 70%. This indicates that the .EUS domain's data can be considered very favorable.


The objective of the observatory is to investigate the situation of the Basque language on the Internet and analyze the status and evolution of the .EUS domain. Additionally, it has been analyzed whether there are indications that Google's search service discriminates against Basque. In the sample analyzed by PUNTUEUS, discrimination against Basque in Google's search service has been identified in favor of Spanish, leading to the loss of visibility of Basque on the Internet.

The administrators of the Basque Wikipedia have also detected the modification of Google's algorithm. Despite the overall trend of increasing the number of visits, a decrease has been measured in various areas.