Oiartzun Town Council, UEMA and the PuntuEUS Foundation have launched the “Euskara sarera” campaign

The aim is to promote reflection about the customs related to the use of language on the Digital Environment by the citizens of Oiartzun.

Oiartzun Town Council, UEMA and the PuntuEUS Foundation have launched the Euskara sarera campaign. The aim is to encourage reflection about the use of the language on the Internet and in technological devices in the town of Oiartzun.

The Euskara sarera campaign will work in four fields:

The campaign aims to invite reflection on the habits of the language and seeks to encourage the use of Basque on technological devices and on the net itself. 

Four sections will be worked on in Euskara sarera: the language we use in Internet messages, the configuration of the language we have on our mobile phones, the language we use on the Internet and the language we use on social networks. Basque can be used in all of them, and this will be the message that will be transmitted to the people of Oiartzun: “I use Basque, how about you?

According to Josu Waliño, CEO of the PuntuEUS Foundation, “In order to increase the visibility of Basque in the Digital Environment, it is crucial that the largest number of Internet users give the first word in Basque. This first digital word, which indicates what our language is, is given by our devices and that is why it is very important that users configure their devices in Basque, both browsers and mobiles”.

Collaboration between the Oiartzun Town Council, UEMA and the PuntuEUS Foundation

Oiartzun Town Council and UEMA have signed a collaboration agreement with the PuntuEUS Foundation to promote the use of Basque in the digital environment. 

On the other hand, Oiartzun Town Council is member of UEMA – Udalerri Euskaldunen Mankomunitatea -. This organization works to guarantee the right of all citizens to live in Basque.

In order to promote the normalization of the Basque language on the Internet, the Euskara sarera campaign is based on collaboration between the three organizations.