The Nonprofit Cyber coalition marks its second anniversary with the appointment of a new Executive Committee, scheduled for the period spanning from February 2024 to February 2026, and the inclusion of two new members. With these new additions, Nonprofit Cyber now boasts a membership of 40 nonprofit organizations dedicated to the development and implementation of large-scale cybersecurity solutions

Nonprofit Cyber has announced the addition of two prominent members to its community: PUNTUEUS and CONSEJOSI. These new members bring exceptional regional leadership and unique perspectives, hailing from the Basque Country and Latin America, respectively.

Josu Waliño director de PUNTUEUS se ha mostrado satisfecho con esta nueva alianza: 

“As a company deeply dedicated to combating DNS Abuse, it is entirely consistent to join the Nonprofit Cyber Coalition. Our decision to be part of this alliance is a strategic initiative aimed at actively participating in a collaborative effort, strengthening our online presence, and collectively contributing to a secure digital future. Through alignment with like-minded organizations, we enhance the resilience of our digital infrastructure, magnifying the impact of preserving the Basque online community within the broader Internet landscape.”

 About Nonprofit Cyber

Nonprofit Cyber is a coalition of nonprofit organizations formed to enhance joint action to improve cybersecurity. All members of the coalition are nonprofit organizations that serve the public interest by developing, sharing, implementing, and raising awareness of best practices, tools, standards, and cybersecurity services.