PUNTUEUS, the entity responsible for the .EUS domain, has announced the implementation of innovative technology designed to prevent child sexual abuse online. This initiative has been made possible through a strategic agreement signed between PUNTUEUS and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), an organization dedicated to detecting and preventing online child sexual abuse material.

According to data collected in 2023 by the Internet Watch Foundation, child sexual abuse online remains a serious and growing problem worldwide. In 2023 alone, the IWF identified 275,655 web pages with confirmed child sexual abuse content, representing an 8% increase compared to the previous year (255,570 websites detected). Each web page may contain hundreds, or even thousands, of individual images or videos of child sexual abuse.

In response to this situation, PUNTUEUS has integrated this new technology into its cyber protection and monitoring system, further strengthening its commitment to online safety. To date, PUNTUEUS has played a crucial role in identifying and preventing cyber threats such as phishing and malware. Now, with the inclusion of this new source of protection, it extends its reach to specifically address online child sexual abuse.

Collaborating with the Internet Watch Foundation will enable PUNTUEUS to detect, suspend, remove, and prevent the circulation of child sexual abuse material online. This initiative reflects PUNTUEUS’s commitment to prioritizing the protection of the most vulnerable in the digital environment.

“At PUNTUEUS, we are firmly committed to preventing child abuse and the mistreatment of women in pornography,” said Josu Waliño, director of Puntueus. “This partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation allows us to strengthen our capabilities to safeguard people, especially vulnerable populations, from any form of exploitation or harm in cyberspace.”

The Internet Watch Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making the internet a safer place for children, girls, boys, and adults worldwide through advanced technology.