PUNTUEUS and the Dendartean Association sign a collaboration agreement

puntueus dendartean hitzarmena

The PUNTUEUS Foundation and the Dendartean association have signed a collaboration agreement in Arrasate. The objective of the agreement is to influence the digital transformation of Basque society from the Basque language, for which they must channel initiatives to increase the presence of the Basque language in the digital environment.

Thanks to the agreement, PUNTUEUS will make discount codes available to Dendartean to register the .EUS domain, so that they can develop their digital projects in Basque and through the .EUS domain. These discount codes will be available for the creation of new domains in digital projects undertaken by local businesses.

“The objective of this agreement is to contribute to the digitization of businesses, placing the Basque language at the center. To do this, from PUNTUEUS we will also try to offer hosting services through our providers free of charge, with the aim of helping Dendartean members”, says Josu Waliño, CEO of PUNTUEUS.

The Gipuzkoa Association of Merchants Associations, for its part, will promote the use of the .EUS domain among members and businesses, and will pay special attention to those who have or want to have a website so that they are encouraged to publish their content in Basque. In addition, they will measure and promote the level of digitization of Gipuzkoan businesses and the use of Basque in digital commerce, promoting the digital transformation of commerce from the Basque language.

“Dendartean has been promoting the digitization of small merchants for years, since we consider the use of new technologies necessary to improve the competitiveness of businesses. In any case, in the digital field we also believe that it is important to maintain the essence and values of lifelong businesses and, among them, of course, the use of Basque”, explains Xabier Aldalur, a technician from the Dendartean Association.

Monitoring Commission

Both parties agree to establish a Monitoring Commission to guarantee compliance with the objectives of the collaboration agreement. The commission will have at least two participants: one on behalf of PUNTUEUS and another on behalf of the Dendartean Association.

This group will meet at least once every 4 months and whenever requested by one of the signatories of the agreement. This is a group created with the responsibility of anticipating, communicating or proposing doubts, problems and improvements that may arise within the framework of the agreement, and to which agents who may be suitable may be invited to collaborate in promoting the initiative.