PUNTUEUS and UNED Bergara have signed a collaboration agreement

The PUNTUEUS Foundation and the UNED Bergara Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement to contribute to the development of the digital skills of the students and teachers of the UNED Bergara and to promote also the digitalisation process from the Basque language.

Thanks to the agreement, all UNED-Bergara students will be able to register three .EUS domains for free during their studies as well as a free server to develop their own website during the first year at the following link.

Due to these tools, students will also have free access to the necessary infrastructure to enable their domain and carry out their personal and professional projects. In addition, teachers, employees and former students of UNED Bergara will also have a 25% discount on .EUS domains.

The UNED Bergara will inform and encourage all its students, alumni, employees and teachers of this collaboration agreement.

This agreement with UNED is part of the PUNTUEUS Foundation’s plan to build collaboration networks with Basque universities. It has previously signed collaboration agreements with the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU) and Mondragon University.

“Our intention is to extend this agreement to the rest of the Basque universities and we have already started to make the first steps to achieve this goal,” explains Josu Waliño, CEO of PUNTUEUS.