PuntuEUS assumes the vice presidency of geoTLD group

Nacho Amadoz (.cat), president; Josu Waliño (.eus), vice president and Ronald Schwärzler (.wien) will be the members of the management team that will lead the group.

On October 21, elections for the new leadership in Montreal were held within the ICANN meeting. The new ex-com will replace the ex-com formed by Sébastien Ducos (.nyc / .sydney / .melbourne), Dirk Krischenowski (.berlin) and Ronald Schwärzler (.wien) from January 1, 2020.

geoTLDs are shaping tomorrow’s Internet and creating digital identities for places and communities.

geoTLD.group represents all geographic top-level domains and stands as their rallying point. The group strives to develop geoTLDs’ potential for the benefit of their cities, regions, cultures and languages.