PuntuEUS Foundation achieves the Bai Euskarari Certificate

PuntuEUS Foundation recently achieved the highest level of Bai Euskarari certification, called “Zerbitzua eta lana euskaraz”, acknowledging service and work performance in Euskera. In the words of Josu Waliño, PuntuEUS Foundation chairman, “the Bai Euskarari certificate gives evidence of the Foundation’s commitment to Euskera”.

PuntuEUS Foundation conducts its work in Euskera in every sphere, and this certificate is proof of its efforts. According to Waliño, “the Bai Euskarari certificate is of great value to Euskera stakeholders since it shows that we use Euskera in our community in the same way that the “.EUS” domain acknowledges that work among websites.”

The Bai Euskarari Certificate is a suitable and efficient tool to promote the use of Euskera in the Basque socio-economic sector, and proof of this is that the Foundation has achieved it.

For customers, it is one more encouragement to be able to distinguish amongst diverse entities and receive products in their language. And this is what the members comprising the community of Bai Euskarari certificate-holders show from day to day. The Bai Euskarari community is currently composed of 1,300 entities throughout the Basque Country.