PuntuEUS Foundation and BCSC sign a collaboration agreement to increase the security level of .EUS domains

BCSC, the Basque Cybersecurity Centre, and Fundación PuntuEus will work together on developing strategies that enable protection for domains belonging to the TLD, .EUS. This same week, a collaboration agreement was signed that included the development of a monitoring tool for all .EUS domains, which will facilitate proof to ascertain when a domain has been compromised by cyber-threat on the one hand while evaluating the current status of domains to determine the need to propose measures increasing their security.

Security has always been a priority to the .EUS top-level domain. Up to now, it monitored its domains using a solution purchased on the market. The purpose of developing its own tool together with BSCS is to go a step further in achieving a security level not possible using the tools available on the market. This is a pioneering initiative to make .EUS one of the most secure domains worldwide.

.EUS domain monitoring represents key support to the websites under this domain that are not capable of performing the task alone. However, it is not the only security-related service .EUS offers. In contrast to other domains operating outside Europe, the data facilitated to register an .EUS domain are complete private and nobody may access them. The PuntuEUS Foundation has closed Whois access to its domains for the purpose.

However, .EUS domains may request an SSL certificate free from Izenpe. Izenpe certificates back the website with the maximum guarantees, since it is the only public certification authority belonging to CA/Browser worldwide.

There are currently around 8,500 .EUS domains, and these are projected to reach 10,000 by the end of the year. This collaboration will contribute to more efficient and effective management of cybersecurity incidents affecting .EUS domains, raising their cybersecurity level and user trust and promoting the use of the TLD, thus improving the use, presence and visibility of Euskera in the digital setting through the .EUS domain.