PuntuEUS Foundation Board Renovation

At its last meeting held 15 June, the PuntuEUS Foundation renewed the composition of its Board. The Board is composed of leading agents from different social sectors, which ESLE and the Euskaltel Foundation have now joined. On another front, Partaide, the Basque Country Ikastola Association, EHTIE and EIIEO, entities that up to now formed part of the board, have left it. PuntuEUS Foundation thanks them for their contribution and their work.

Following these changes, the bodies comprising the new board are the following: Kontseilua, Euskal Idazleen Elkartea (the association of writers in Basque), Euskal Konfederazioa, ESLE, Euskaltel Foundation, Euskaltzaindia, UPV/EHU, EITB and the PuntuEUS Association.