PuntuEUS receives Digital Communication award

The PuntuEUS Foundation received the Diariovasco.com Digital Communication Award at a ceremony held in the main building at the Miramon Technology Park.

Organised by the Diario Vasco newspaper and sponsored by the Charter Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, CaixaBank, the University of Deusto and Movistar, six organisations received awards for successfully adapting technology and for managing to incorporate digital mediums and resources into their communication strategies.  Beissier, Klinika Zuatzu, Uvesco, PuntuEUS Foundation, Donostia Turismoa and Kristau Eskola were the award-winning companies and organisations.

At the PuntuEUS Foundation we are mainly involved in promoting and managing the .EUS domain. The .EUS domain is a tool that puts Basque on the level of mainstream languages and we aim to turn it into the Basque Country’s third most important domain by 2020.

Our communication strategy focusses on achieving that aim:

  • By putting technology at the service of marketing
  • By giving the community a say
  • By standing out in the value proposal
  • By thinking digital first
  • By creating in augmented reality through audiovisual sequences, through dynamic creativity
  • And reaching people by renewing channels through programmatic advertising, etc.

In BASQUE, always.

Because marketing and digital communication are possible in Basque. What is more, because it works, because it connects and because it sells.

.EUS is a brand, but it is also much more than that. It is the digital brand of nearly 10,000 companies, organisations, associations and private individuals.

.EUS is the digital brand of many of you. So, many thanks to you!