Registrations and renewals from 19 €

It will be 5 years since the first .EUS websites were uploaded to the internet.

Over these 5 years the .EUS domain has succeeded in embedding itself in and spreading across Basque society, step by step the domain has become consolidated and the passing of the 10,000-domain threshold is not far away.

The moment has come to take another step in this normalisation process so that the .EUS domain will have a new price from now on, a stable price. The number of domains achieved has made it possible to set the price of .EUS at the level that is normal across the rest of the internet domains: for first-time domain purchasers, as well as for those who have had a .EUS domain previously. From now on, it will be possible to purchase a .EUS domain from 19 euros and it will be possible to renew it at the same price in the coming years, which is a reflection of .EUS normalisation.

Keep in mind, however, that each provider sets the final price and the differences in the price and the service provided.

This is the list of registrars that have joined the new price offer.