The director of DNS Abuse Institute has visited PUNTUEUS

Grame Bunton, a global expert in domain cybersecurity, says that “.EUS is a benchmark domain in security, with excellent results in mitigating abuse cases”.

Graeme Bunton, Executive Director of the DNS Abuse Institute, has met in Donostia-San Sebastián with Iñaki Goirizelaia and Josu Waliño, President and CEO of PUNTUEUS, respectively.

The meeting is part of the role of PUNTUEUS in Internet governance bodies and, in particular, in the GeoTLD working group of the global Internet domain organisation ICANN, which replaces the Internet’s geographic and community domains.

During the meeting, the representatives of PUNTUEUS presented to the director of the DNS Abuse Institute the work done by the foundation to safeguard .EUS domains. Among other issues, special emphasis was placed on the results published by the Cybersecurity Observatory and the transparency of the data. At the same time, Bunton presented the research carried out by the DNS Abuse Institute on cybersecurity, which places .EUS among the most secure domains in the world, ahead of .COM and similar domains.

Bunton explained that, “DNS Abuse Institute is leading the internet industry’s fight against cyber-attacks and is focused on helping the community identify and report DNS (domain name system) abuse. I have worked with many domains and the security within the .EUS zone is very high. The PUNTUEUS Foundation is very transparent, as it provides data on how many attacks have occurred. By providing this information it also puts on the table that all these attacks are being controlled. I consider .EUS to be a reference domain in terms of security”.

Ensuring the digital security of users is one of the most important tasks of PUNTUEUS. To achieve this, the foundation constantly monitors the websites of the .EUS domains under its authority. Thanks to this active surveillance of the websites, inappropriate uses, risks and threats are foreseen. This data can be consulted in real time through the Cybersecurity Observatory.

During his visit, the DNS director also stressed that the cybersecurity of a domain is becoming an increasingly important element when choosing a web domain. In this regard, many different security systems are blocking access to websites that use disreputable domains, such as .info or .top.

“Reputation is measured by the abuse rate. According to the reference body Spamhaus, the abuse rate for .EUS is 0. In other words, “its quality and reputation is optimal, a result of very few domains,” says Waliño.

About Graeme Bunton

Graeme Bunton is the executive director of the DNS Abuse Institute and a former board member of The i2Coalition (Internet Infrastructure Coalition). He has over 11 years of experience in DNS (Domain Name System) policy.

The DNS Abuse Institute was created by Public Interest Registry (PIR), the registry operator of the .ORG top-level domain, to generate best practices, foster collaboration and find industry-shared solutions to combat malware, botnets, phishing, pharming and related spam.