The domain market in the Basque Country: business keys and opportunities

In 2014, when more than a thousand new Internet domains were created, market recovery and revolution were expected. But what has happened over the past four years? How has the change affected the downward market? Has there been a recovery? Where are we going?

The aim of the conference is to make an analysis of the market and to anticipate trends and opportunities. Special focus will be given to the situation of the Basque Country and the .EUS domain.

One of the objectives of the PuntuEUS Foundation is to support resellers in this territory without registrars. To this end, it offers various tools and advantages. The conference is aimed at all Internet professionals who offer online presence services such as web agencies, computer consultants and software developers.


Venue: Baserri Antzokia (Bizkaia Technology Park). Taileri kalea 6, Derio.

Time: 11:00

Language: Basque and Spanish

Sponsor: Nominalia



10:45 Reception

11:00 Opening session

11:10 Domain market in the Basque Country

– Market Analysis

–.EUS domain: business keys 2019

– Speaker: Josu Waliño, Director, PuntuEUS Foundation

11:50 Official .EUS resellers

– Official reseller programme

– Case studies

– Speaker: Lorea Arakistain, Communications Manager, PuntuEUS Foundation

12:20 Hosting company or server? Which is the best option for your projects?

– Speaker: Toni Serra, Technical Support & Services Manager, Nominalia

12:40 Questions and answers

13:00 Lunch