“The .EUS domain is as reliable and secure as the .COM domain”

  • The ‘Majestic One Milion’ ranking, which is made by the analytics company Majestic SEO with the first million most referenced websites in the world, includes 85 .EUS domains
  • “This ranking indicates that the level of quality of the websites that use the .EUS domain is high”, says Josu Waliño, CEO of PUNTUEUS.
  • Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram top the ranking of websites worldwide.

Elgoibar, July 28, 2022- Majestic SEO is one of the most popular rankings in the Internet universe and it lists the most referenced websites in the world. A few years ago, they created the Majestic One Million section, with the aim of classifying the first million websites in the ranking.

At the top of this list, there can be found the most important websites in the world, such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Instagram. The analytics service Majestic works and performs rankings based on SEO or website positioning.

The recently published ranking provides relevant data of the .EUS domain, in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which measures the positioning in search engines. In total, 85 websites are in Majestic’s ranking, among the one million most used domains in the world.

The first position among the .EUS domains appearing in this ranking is occupied by ‘euskadi.eus’, which is in position 10,086; next appears the domain ‘ehu.eus’ in position 11,002; and there can be also found references such as ‘eitb.eus’ (17,548), ‘guggenheim-bilbao.eus’ (19,681) and ‘deia.eus’ (28,419).


“This ranking clearly indicates the good performance of the .EUS domain in terms of SEO. The number of websites with the .EUS domain that are on the Majestic SEO ranking evidences it,” says Josu Waliño, CEO of PUNTUEUS.

Currently, there are around 13,300 .EUS domains on the Internet compared to 161 million .COM domains, of which 497,503 (0.31%) are included in the Majestic One Million ranking. In the case of .EUS, the domains referenced in the ranking is 0.65% of the total number of existing domains.

“We cannot compare ourselves in absolute terms with .COM because they have 161 million domains and almost 500,000 are referenced in Majestic. But, in this sense, we are sure that we can compare ourselves in proportional terms,” says Waliño.

“Proportionally, we have more websites with the .EUS domain in the ranking published by Majestic and, consequently, we can assure that the .EUS domain is as reliable and secure in terms of quality and positioning as the .COM domain”, says Waliño.

In the case of global geographic and community domains composed of GeoTLDs, .EUS is comparable to similar domains. There are currently 69 GeoTLDs in the world, among them ‘.cat’ (Catalonia), ‘.scot’ (Scotland) or ‘.berlin’ (Germany). .EUS occupies a good position at the 5th place in the Majestic ranking, “This indicates that the quality level of the websites using the .EUS domain is high”, concludes Waliño.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO monitors all possible fields about the positioning of a web page. Moreover, it is indispensable for a perfect backlinking strategy, as it has the ability to collect link information from almost everywhere in the world.

The SEO strategy facilitates everything related to the elaboration and, therefore, it works perfectly in this area. It also manages to improve the number of visits to a website, if you know how to use it correctly.