The PuntuEUS Foundation participates in the IKD GAZtE project

IKD GAZtE is a project promoted by students from the University of the Basque Country whose objective is cooperative and dynamic learning. This is an effort to train students of classes in the workplace, for which every year participate institutions, social movements, companies or initiatives that propose challenges to students. Challenges, institutions, social movement, companies or initiatives are real problems in the world of work, and students must develop solutions and strategies to channel them.

This year the PuntuEUS Foundation has participated in the challenge proposal and has proposed to students to translate their mobile phones into Basque, which are 100,000! under the slogan. Through a three-minute presentation, we explain to students the influence of the Internet on the disappearance of languages and for this reason the importance of sailing in Basque. In parallel they were explained the potentiality of the Basque digital field.

Coordinated by the IKD motor team, five students from different grades of the UPV/EHU will work for three credits between February 25 and May 5. During this time we will work together until 12 May to present the final work.