The PuntuEUS Foundation will facilitate the free recovery of .EUS domains that have been deleted during the state of emergency

In a context in which the Covid-19 health crisis has increased the use and importance of the Internet, the PuntuEUS Foundation is doing everything possible to make it easier for users to keep this door open.

Typically, when a domain name is allowed to expire, there is a time before the name is available again. During this period, the person who registered the domain name can retrieve it by paying a fee. In this way, those users who have unintentionally expired their domain names are protected.

In the current situation, a possible increase in unwanted expirations is expected. Therefore, PuntuEUS will facilitate the recovery of these domain names to users who have lost it.

Recovery is a process that has an economic cost. However, the PuntuEUS Foundation will eliminate the recovery fee from April 2 to July 31 so that users can recover expired domain names without penalty. Several registrars have joined the initiative of the PuntuEUS Foundation and are going to eliminate the recovery fee in this period. The registered registrars are:

  • Blacknight · Blacknight
  • Dinahosting
  • Ascio
  • Gandi · Gandi
  • CDMon
  • Digital Environment
  • DonDomain
  • Centralnic (Key-systems)