Twitter.EUS is now a reality and will soon understand Basque

Thanks to a collaboration with the PuntuEUS Foundation, the Twitter social network has taken the leap to the .EUS domain, which is the expression of the Basque language community.

But this is not the only step that Twitter will be taking in support of the Basque community. Today, Twitter does not recognise Basque despite having an interface in Basque. Thanks to the collaboration with the PuntuEUS Foundation, Twitter is working to resolve this, and it will soon be able to identify tweets written in Basque. To achieve this, the PuntuEUS Foundation and Twitter have been assisted by the company CodeSyntax.

Twitter and Basque

In response to the request made by users, Twitter produced a Basque version in 2012 and since then there has been an option to use the Twitter interface in Basque.

The UMAP website handles and filters the activity of Basque tweeters. According to it, there were 7,569 active users using Basque in April. As far as the tweets are concerned, these active users in the community sent 653,108 tweets of which 50.70% were in Basque. In other words, an average of 10,682.13 tweets per day were posted in Basque.